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Meet The Ninja Massager

Ninja Massager is the world’s top commercial grade high frequency portable deep-tissue massager!  Created for world-class athletes, but made with “us” in mind, the Ninja Massager will soon become available for consumers worldwide, one country at a time.

The Ninja Massager was designed by international engineers and technologists who dreamed of creating a portable and compact, massage device previously available only to world class athletes and therapy clinics/facilities, but now TODAY it can be purchased and mailed directly to consumers for at-home and everyday use.  


Furthermore, our team of product designers developed the Ninja Massager with muscle recovery top of mind, based off of multiple private product research and medical case studies.  Outside of professional athletes and many individuals under constant intense physical pressure, it is important for consumers to understand the importance of muscle therapy and the need for advanced treatment after intense usage of one or many muscle groups, regardless of the activity.


With the Ninja Massager consumers of all ages can now give themselves immediate treatment having the luxury of a professional commercial grade deep-tissue massager on hand from the comfort of their homes.  Get in on the fun and join the movement of Ninjas all over the world taking better care of their bodies and health with the Ninja Massager!



“I love my Ninja Massager!  It has helped me get back my mobility and range of motion on my back, when doing my twists and turns during my performances!  I love that I can also bring it with me when I am out with my travelling team.”

Jennifer Rambis

Gymnast | Atlanta, Georgia

"The Ninja Massager is the first form of treatment I use after I hit the gym from a hard workout.  I also recommend it to all my clients!”

Aaron Williams

Personal Trainer | Chicago, Illinois


“We are always looking for the best masseuse to visit when we travel, but when I heard about the Ninja Massager we got hooked!  Now my husband and I use ours when we are on our travels instead of trying to find the nearest therapist.  Thank you Ninja Massager!”

Dr. Shazia Patel

Retired Doctor | Seattle, Washington